Welcome to 22 Summer Place

Welcome to 22 Summer Place …

Here you’ll find a little bit of whimsy, some fun and sparkling hand made jewelry, steam-punk and cos-play accessories, and whatever else fits our creative moods!  We have a passion for things that glitter and shine, for shoes and leather, and for anything that catches the eye and inspires a smile.

… fall in love with something but want a different color or size?  Yes, sometimes we DO do custom orders (time permitting):

The pretty things you see on here are the products of our passions, made in between the four-letter-word that some people love and others hate: WORK.  Yes, sadly, we do have day jobs, social lives, and families that demand our time and attention, but we do want happy customers and will do our best to accommodate reasonable custom requests.  Shipping is usually 1-2 business days for anything that’s already made and in stock!

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